Why Do We Up-Cycle?

In General:
- A Leather Product Produces 25% Wastage.

- 20 Sq. Feet Of Actual Leather In Hand-Bag Uses 25 Sq. Feet Leather.

The Wasted Leather Is Discarded & Mostly Ends Up Land File.
- Hence Very Damaging To The Natural Eco System

What Is Your Up-Cycle Process?

Product Research & Design Happens In New York, United States

The Wasted Raw Material Is Collected From Various Factories In South India Which Produce
- Leather Glove,
- Leather Shoes
- Leather Hand-Bag &
- Leather Jacket

After The Raw Material Arrives In Our Unit
- Product Is Assorted
- Under Goes Testing (Chemical Safety & Related)
- Finally, After Testing Production

How Do You Calcuate Landfill Space Saved?

Every Product Height, Width, Length Is Calculated. We Multiply The Above Value by Number Pieces Produced Every 15th Of Month We Update The Appropriate Value For Example: Hang Tag : 5cm x 4cm x 0.1cm = 2 cubic cm Number Units Produced = 1000 Total Land FIle Saved = 2000 cubic cm (0.0002 cubic meters)

Can You Tell Me More About The Company NoWaste.Green?

NoGreen.Waste Is Subsidary Owned By MTI New York, USA.

At MTI USA we strive to bring innovative sustainable materials to our clients (retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce).

MTI'S daily contact with progressive mills who are developing and researching improvements on how to save energy, water and be able to recycle or biodegrade at a faster pace without harming the environment. This brought me to start this website directed to everyone that has sustainability as a priority in their fashion business.

No.(W)aste or Nowaste or Now-no-waste are different interpretation of a change of mentality:

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle is our goal!

Pls check our products and condition and order online, our team will reach out to you to confirm the sales status of your order.